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Screen printing

There are an array of different ink options when it comes to screen printing. Let's break it down for you :


Plastisol Printing : Standard Printing

Plastisol ink is the most common ink used in screen printing. Plastisol is made up of PVC particles suspended in a liquid plasticizer that bonds to the garment when cured to 320 degrees. The contents of plastisol make it very durable and flexible on the garment. At Branded Threads, we use the highest quality plastisol inks on the market. Plastisol inks make it easy to Pantone match very specific colors for your logo. This is the standard style of screen printing that we utilize on a day to day basis. Unless noted otherwise, this will be the print style on your garment.

Water Based Printing : Soft-hand Printing

Water based ink delivers a soft-hand feel. Water is used as the solvent in the ink and must evaporate out when cured to set the ink into the fibers of the fabric. There is no plastic bonding in this style of print, making it very soft. This style of printing does not work well on dark garments. Water based printing will fade over time. This style of printing is the most eco-friendly style of printing. At Branded Threads, we use the highest quality water based inks on the market. If you'd like this style of printing, it must be requested.

Four Color Process Printing : Advanced Printing

This style of prinitng must be done on light colored garments. Four color process printing is when four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) are blended to achieve multiple colors to create a complex image. The four CMYK inks are more tranparent than plastisol inks to allow blending. This is how you achieve a full color image on a shirt. This print process is done using percentages of halftones to blend the colors together. This is an advanced style of printing that requires higher attention to detail when printing. If you'd like this style of printing, it must be requested as it would only be used to achieve full color images on a garment.

Specialty Ink Printing : Unique Printing

This style of printing allows for unique prints. There are many different inks that we have to achieve your fun idea! These inks include glitter, shimmer, clear ink, foil transfers, puff ink, even glow in the dark! If you'd like this style of printing, it must be requested.

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