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The process of embroidery at the end of the day is still sewing thread onto a garment. Instead of a wooden hoop and stitch, we use metal magnetic plastic hoops. If you're looking for that professional look on a garment or looking to decorate a hat or beanie - this is the way to go. Embroidery can be applied to a multitude of different items like polos, button-ups, jackets, bookbags, beanies, hats, etc. If we cook loop it, we can embroider it! 

Flat embroidery : Standard Embroidery

This style of embroidery is what's done most common in the industry. All embroidery will be raised off of the garment due to adding stitched on to the blank, but this is kept as flat as possible. This is the style done mostly on all garments and some hats. Small text and fine detail tend to bunch up and not look very good. If you have small text or a ton of detail, high mesh screen printing would be recommended.

Puff (3D) Embroidery : Premium Embroidery

This style of embroidery is when your logo is stitched over twice to create a puff look, or foam is added underneath to give it a raised appearance. This is what you see on most New Era style hats inside of most retail stores. This is a more expensive style of embroidery as more time and materials are used.  

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